Wealth Affirmations

Wealth Affirmations: We’ve provided you with an abundance of affirmations for prosperity so you can choose the ones that resonate the best for you.

We have compiled the list of wealth affirmations to include a variety of belief systems, so that everyone will find the perfect one! So read on, and enjoy a more prosperous life starting today.

This page starts with my personal top ten favorite abundance affirmations, then follows on with a large list of many more. At the end of the page you’ll find quick tips for getting the most out of your affirmations.


I Live in an Abundant Universe

Prosperity Surrounds Me

I Attract Money and Wealth into My Life Every Day

The Riches of the Universe Come to Me Easily

I am Flowing on a River of Abundance

I Gratefully Accept Abundance from the Universe

I Am Blessed with Prosperity

I am Easily and Effortlessly Attracting Wealth into My Life

I Make Great Money Doing What I Love

I Have More than Enough Money for My Financial Needs


I am Prosperous and Free

Abundance Flows into My Life

I Have an Abundance of Business in My Life

Money Appears in my Life Unexpectedly

I am Joyous with Prosperity

I Love Money and Money Loves Me

For the Highest and Greatest Good I Manifest Prosperity into my Life

I Gratefully Accept Abundance from God

I Enjoy Financial Freedom

I am Independently Wealthy

The Universe Provides for all of my Needs

Abundance Flows into My Life Every Day

Money Comes to me in Waterfalls of Abundance

I Accept the Prosperity of the Universe

Divine Guidance is Drawing Prosperity into My Life

I Make $5,000 a Week

I Am Wealthy

I Am Prosperous

I Am Abundant

I Am Financially Free

I Am a Success

The Money in My Life Increases Every Day

There is Enough Abundance for Everyone, Including Me

I am a Money Magnet

I Attract Prosperity and Wealth

Divine Guidance is Creating Wealth Opportunities for Me


Using daily positive affirmations can be a powerful technique for improving your life on many levels. They are simple and free, and best of all, they don’t take up any space! To get the most out of your wealth affirmations follow these easy tips. Before you know it, abundance will be flowing into your life.

* Say your affirmations out loud. The power of the spoken word is much stronger than thoughts in your head, or words on a slip of paper.

* Say them in the morning and in the evening, every day. If you can squeeze it in, say them in the middle of the day also. Repeatedly bringing your mind back to your desire for a more abundant life will “reprogram” yourself, so that you are vibrating in accordance with abundance.

* Pick an affirmation that really feels right for you. If one on the list is almost perfect, but you feel compelled to change a word or to, do it! The effects will be stronger if you are in complete alignment with what you are saying.

* Commit to trying out an affirmation for a minimum of three months. It can take some time for the universe to catch up with your desires. Don’t stop too soon! Ideally we all would say positive affirmations from this day till our very last day.

* When you are speaking, really allow yourself to “feel” your desired outcome. Imagine a paid off car, or a trip to your dream spot. Whatever it is you are planning on doing with increased wealth, allow yourself to feel the joy as though you already have it.

If you are looking for more information on manifesting abundance in your life, check out our Abundance and Prosperity section. We wish you a prosperous journey on the road of life.

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