The Benefits of Aromatherapy Products and Therapeutic Essential Oils

What are the benefits of aromatherapy products and therapeutic grade essential oils? You don’t need an aromatherapy course to
learn them!

Aromatherapy benefits have been researched and tested for thousands of years and have their beginnings in China, Rome, Greece, and Egypt.

The science of using essential oils therapeutically has a history of 1,000 years.
aromatherapy benefits

So while modern science may consider aromatherapy an alternative healing therapy, many cultures around the world have long embraced and revered the healing properties of scent.

Here’s a quick list of the most common therapeutic uses for essential oils:

Aromatherapy benefits in skin care: Lavender contains regenerative ketones, accelerates the healing of wounds and reduces inflammation. Rosemary stimulates the metabolism and circulation, increasing the quantitity of nutrients in your skin cells, while also speeding up the process of eliminating toxins from those same skin cells. Palmarosa contains antiseptic properties to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Aromatherapy benefits for tension, stress and headaches: Chamomile eases physical pain and headache pain, helping your body to relax. Lavender enhances circulation of the blood which helps control inflammation which in turn reduces pain and stress. Peppermint stimulates the brain to reduce mental fatigue and tension, while also calming strong emotions and nervousness. The end result is less stress.

Aromatherapy benefits for sinus pain, congestion and colds: Lemon provides relief from head colds and congestion, reducing the feeling of a stuffed up head, and reducing sinus headaches and pain. Eucalyptus is well know as a respiratory cure. It helps clear the lungs and sinus pathways of congestion, aiding breathing and reducing pain.


*Stress, nervous tension and fatigue*

*Anxiety and depression*

*Sleep issues and insomnia*

*Skin health issues like acne, wrinkles, and complexion*

*Headaches and migraines*


*Circulation and metabolism issues*

*Congestion, colds, and respiratory issues*

*Pain, aching muscles and joints, and rheumatic conditions*

*Digestive disorders*

*Women’s issues such as pms and menopause*

*Fungal infections and skin conditions*

The world of aromatherapy is broad, and this is just an overview of the many beneficial uses of essential oils. Visit some of our other pages on aromatherapy for more detailed information and aromatherapy recipes. If you’re just starting out, please take note that most essential oils should not be taken internally and most should be diluted before topical use. It’s also important to choose a high quality brand of pure essential oils. Watch out for synthetics! They don’t have the same therapeutic properties.
Essential oils are a wonderful addition to energy healing therapies. Get started with their gentle vibrations today.

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