Metaphysical Properties Of Stones And Crystals

The Metaphysical Properties of Stones page is a comprehensive list to the mystical associations of crystals. We’ve designed it as a quick and easy reference source when you just want to know what a certain crystal can do for you. The metaphysical properties of stone guide is alphabetical with headers at the top of each new letter to make it easy to use. Visit the rest of our crystal healing section for more articles and techniques for enhancing your life with the energies of the stone people. Namaste and enjoy….


*A* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Heart’s desire, Fulfillment, Exuberance
Chakra: Solar(3rd), Heart(4th)
Element: Fire, Air
Adamite allows for a clear connection between the will of the solar chakra and the desires of the heart. You can work with it to allow for fruitful fulfillment of your Heart’s Desires. It is excellent for people who have received guidance and are now ready to take action steps towards manifesting goals and dreams.
Key Words: Journeying, Inner Guidance, Goddess
Chakra: Sacral(2nd), Heart(4th), Third Eye(6th)
Element: Wind, Water
Adularia is a feminine stone helping one to receive intuitions from Goddess energies. It is very effective because of the balance of the emotional, loving, and intuitive selves. This broad spectrum of energies make it excellent for Clairvoyance, Soul Travel, and divination skills. Adularia can be helpful for Soul Searching, seeking guidance from within the loving, compassionate aspects of Self.
Key Words: Clearing, Healing, Energizing, Protection
Chakra: Root(1st), Sacral(2nd), Solar(3rd), Heart(4th)
Element: Earth, Fire
Aegerine clears the aura of energies that do not represent the highest and greatest good. It can be a powerful aid in healing when there are self limiting thoughts and feelings. This stone simultaneously brings in light and healing energies and enhances ones personal power. Emotionally, Aegerine is helpful for those experiencing depression, shame, or guilt.
Key Words: Angels, Nurturing, Loving, Gentleness
Chakra: Heart(4th), Throat(5th), Third Eye(6th), Crown(7th)
Element: Ether
Ajoite is a light blue, opaque stone that has strong connections to the outer realms. Excellent for communicating with Angelic entities. Ajoite radiates energies of gentle, loving, compassionate and unconditional love. Always healing with ease and comfort, working with Ajoite is like being warmly embraced by an Angel.
Key Words: Mental and Cognitive enhancement
Chakra: Third Eye(6th)
Element: Air
Albite is a nice stone for mental development. It can be used to control what the Chinese refer to as, “Monkey Mind”. Monkey Mind is characterized by thinking too much and without focus. Albite can help a person to Prioritize their goals and focus the mind on accomplishing one task at at time.
Key Words: Joyous Wisdom, Adaptability, Revelation
Chakra: Heart(4th), Third Eye(6th), Crown(7th)
Element: Air, Water
Alexandrite is one of the rarest and most valuable of all gemstones. It’s most remarkable property is that it reflects different colors in different types of light. It will reflect light red to reddish purple in artificial light(incandescent), and green or greenish blue in Sun light. This shows its ability to receive energy with wisdom and to do with it whatsoever will bring about the highest and greatest good. Alexandrite harmonizes the heart with the Soul, bringing Joyous Wisdom. Excellent for those seeking to bring their lives into alignment with their Soul Purpose. A stone for Seekers of Truth and Enlightenment.
Key Words: Angels, Truth, Communication, Harmony
Chakra: Throat(5th)
Element: Water
Amazonite is a Harmony stone. One only needs to wear it or hold it for a few moments before it’s light vibrations gently harmonize unneeded energies in the aura. It is also an excellent stone for working with angelic energies. Angelic entities always communicate with Truth and Integrity. This lovely blue to light blue stone helps you to do the same. Amazonite is an excellent stone for Sound Healers as it will amplify the energy of the spoken word. I use it to enhance the effectiveness of toning and chanting, particularly OM and HU. Those who seek truth and harmony through open communication can use Amazonite to great effect.
Key Words: Sun Energies, Personal Power, Warmth, Healing, Tree
Chakra: Solar(3rd)
Element: Earth, Sun
Amber carries the vibration of the tree spirits, because it was once part of them. The standing people have many wisdoms to share and wearing or holding amber is an excellent way to tap into those wisdoms. Amber is a stone of healing and warmth. It is excellent for people who find themselves depressed in the cold winter months. It is also a stone of personal power, which is good for anyone who has a hard time standing up for themselves, and keeping others from taking advantage of them.
Keywords: Will, Manifestation
Chakra: Sacral(2nd), Solar(3rd)
Element: Fire
Amblygonite focuses your Will to facilitate manifestation. It energizes the creative energies and inspires confidence in using them in your Soul Journey. Amblygonite can help with procrastination, empowering you to work with your natural creative energies to accomplish goals. An excellent stone for the proverbial “Starving Artist” who’s belief systems are stuck in poverty consciousness.

Key Words: Connection to the Divine, Spiritual Energy, Purification, Clearing Addictions
Chakra: Crown(7th)
Element: Air
Beautiful translucent purple stone. Amethyst is a powerful stone that helps a person move into higher states of consciousness. Lower, negative vibrations cannot exist near Amethyst, so if you find yourself struggling from negative energies around you, you should wear or keep Amethyst close to you. Place it around your home to raise the vibration of your space. Amethyst is beneficial in helping people release addictions. Meditate with an Amethyst to clear your auric field and cleanse your etheric body from addictive states. Amethyst is associated with the violet flame of Saint Germaine.
Key Words: Divine Motivation, Spiritual Decisiveness
Chakra: Solar(3rd), Crown(7th)
Element: Air, Fire
Ametrine is a semi-translucent purple stone with noticeable amounts of yellowish orange inclusions. Helps you to take action from Spiritual Guidance. Helps you to be decisive in making Spirit-guided change in your life. Excellent stone for energy healers to remove blockages from the Solar Chakra and move the energy up to the Crown. This allows for understanding of where feelings of low self esteem or overly aggressive behavior is from and facilitates healing of both. Good for healing people of addictions of any type.
Key Words: Akashic Record, Connection to Earth
Chakra: Root(1st), Third Eye(6th)
Element: Earth, Ether
Andalusite is an opaque brown/black stone, oftentimes cut in slabs to show an equilateral cross. Helps one to feel closeness to the Earth. Excellent stone for people who do not feel at home in their bodies or on this planet. Allows for a healthy understanding of being energy in incarnate form. Good for work with past-life regression. Energy healers can use this stone to help heal those suffering from loneliness, depression or anxiety.
Key Words: Psychic Activation, Divination Work, Holder of Knowledge
Chakra: Third Eye(6th)
Element: Wind
Apatite is stimulating to visionary states. Anyone wanting to increase their divination and psychic abilities can benefit from using Apatite. Place it under your pillow to increase astral travel and lucid dreaming. It is a holder of spiritual knowledge. If you are in a time of your life associated with learning about the spirit world, use Apatite to open your energies to this knowledge. Keep this stone close when doing divination work of any type whether a tarot reading, pendulum dowsing, or rune casting.
Key Words: Communication, Communication of the Heart, Soothing
Chakra: Heart(4th), Throat(5th)
Element: Water
Aquamarine can help you speak your highest truth. People who have a difficult time communicating can do well wearing a piece fo Aquamarine jewelry around their neck. It is especially helpful for communications of the heart. If you are having a hard time expressing your feelings to a loved one, start working with Aquamarine. It is also soothing. If you suffer from anger, pain, or heartbreak, Aquamarine can help to soften the pain. It can be very beneficial for those who are experiencing a lot of grief.
Aventurine, Green:
Key Words: Healing, Vitality, Prosperity
Chakra: Heart(4th)
Element: Earth, Water
Glossy, opaque stone with a rich inner glow. Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity, especially useful for anyone wanting to increase the flow of abundance into their life. Place this stone on a dollar bill and place it in the prosperity corner of your house (according to your Feng Shui Bagua Chart). Green Aventurine is also a healing stone for physical ailments. If your health is not optimal wear the stone on a daily basis. Take a bath and place the stone in your bath water to restore vitality and health to people who’s energy has faded.
Key Words: Creativity, Sexual Abundance, Strength
Chakra: Root(1st), Sacral(2nd)
Element: Earth, Fire
Semi-translucent orange/brown color. Red Aventurine is a stone creativity, creation, and healthy sexuality. Wear this stone if you are an artist or want to be one. It will bring out your creative fires. It is also a stone of increasing diminished sexual appetites. If you, or someone close to you, hasn’t been sexually energized lately, bring the stone into the bedroom. It can be placed under the pillow, on a night stand or better yet, five stones underneath the bed. One at each of the four corners and one in the middle. It will revitalize the spark of healthy, creative sexuality in your life.
Key Words: Intuition, Vision, Psychic Enhancement
Chakra: Third Eye(6th)
Element: Air
Stunning beautiful opaque indigo stone. Azurite is a natural tool for activating the third eye chakra. It is a crystal of inner vision and is perfect for developing and enhancing divination abilities. It will align your inner vision with the highest intentions from your spirit guides, providing a profound opening to the psychic and divinatory realms. Azurite will protect you from being mislead by opening your intuition to divine truth.

*B* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Purification, Strength, Grounding
Chakra: Root(1st)
Element: Earth
Opaque dark green with rust red spots and blotches. Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, has been used for aeons as a purifier of the blood. For any blood related maladies, bloodstone will be extremely effective. In addition to physical purification, it assists the user with purification on the mental, spiritual, and emotional levels as well. It is a good stone for those that are ill, any any level, even if the illness is believed to be terminal. Bloodstone will instill strength and courage to a person who believes all hope is lost.

*C* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Calcite, Clear:
Key Words: Gentleness, Forgiveness, Clearing Energy Blockages
Chakra: All
Element: Water
Clear Calcite works similarly to clear quartz. It can be programmed to work on any issues a person is dealing with. Even without programming clear calcite will help an individual clear energetic blockages in all of the chakra systems, the auric field, and the etheric body. Clear calcite works gently to help an individual see how they have manifested imbalances and difficulties in their life, and helps the individual to see clear choices for changing those factors and recreating their lives. Clear calcite works with the energies of forgiveness to help an individual forgive themselves and others for emotional pains of the past, especially deep-rooted ones that have been lingering unresolved for years. If you choose to work with only a few stones, consider clear calcite for your collection. Clear calcite looks like frozen water. It is very clear with transparency in many spots of each stone. It refracts, showing several views of an obect placed in front of it. Because of this it is especially useful for seeing into the spirit world. If you can’t afford a quartz crystal sphere, but are interested in divining with a crystal ball, consider a much more affordable clear calcite version. We have a large one in our collection that was purchased for a hundred dollars. the same size in clear quartz would easily have run over five hundred dollars.
Key Words: Courage, Confidence, Sexuality, Action
Chakra: Sacral(2nd), Solar(3rd)
Element: Fire
In ancient times Carnelian was believed to give the wearer courage in battle and with eloquence in words. Modern beliefs hold this to be true. Carnelian is a solar chakra stone, and a carrier of the orange ray. It is one of the most direct third chakra stones available, along with amber. Carnelian is ideal for individuals who lack courage when dealing with others. It will instill a healthy self-confidence in those who are lacking and supply them with the ability to stand their ground with people who are trying to coerce them into harmful situations. Carnelian will help an indecisive person take action,by instilling them with confidence in their choice. Carnelian will speak to those with low self-esteem and teach them how to blossom into the divine being they are meant to be.
Key Words: Communication, Divine Expression, Goddess Energies
Chakra: Throat(5th)
Element: Water
Chrysocolla emanates gentleness and power, the full energies of the divine Goddess within all, male and female alike. It is a stone of gentle harmonies, and will allow the wearer to express themselves to others purely from their inner soul. Chrysocolla is an excellent stone for anyone suffering from fifth chakra blockages like difficulty communicating, shyness, trouble finding the right words to clearly express their emotions,etc. It will also help individuals tap into the goddess energies within them, revealing a gentle world where before they saw strife.
Key Words: Imagination, Creativity, Clarity of Creative Energies
Chakra: Sacral(2nd)
Element: Fire
Even though Citrine is a second chakra stone, it does not neccessarily correlate with increasing sexual energies as many other sacral chakra crystal do. Instead it’s energies are manifest in developing and honing creative energies. It is an excellent stone for artists or individuals who are seeking to discover an artistic outlet within themselves, even those who don’t believe they have an ounce of creativity within themselves. It is a fount of creative energies and will help an individual discover those energies within themselves. For someone who has a hard time staying focused on a single creative endeavor and find themselves flitting from project to project without completing any of them, Citrine can help to show the right direction for their creativity to flourish.
Coral, Red:
Key Words: Protection, Power
Chakra: Root(1st)
Element: Water
Coral is a stone of protection. It has been used for ages by many cultures as protection from negative forces, especially negative energies being sent from an individual. If you feel that there are enemies in your life who send out negative thoughts or more in your direction, wear red coral and place it in a sacred place in your home. It will redirect negative energies sent your way, so that they do not effect you. If you feel that others are attacking you on some level, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, also consider adding Amazonite to the Coral. Amazonite will help you to see a purer world and shift your energies so that you do not draw attacks from others. Amazonite and red coral together are a powerful combination of deterence.

*F* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Mental clarity, Concentration
Chakra: Third eye(6th)
Element: Air
Fluorite is a translucent stone that ranges from clear to green to purple, oftentimes with bands of each occurring in a single stone. It can assist in clearing the mind of conflicting thoughts or mental clutter. Fluorite assists with brain function, allowing a person to access their collective knowledge and put it to use effectively. It is a good stone to have around when studying for important tests.

*J* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Health, Prosperity
Element: Earth
Opaque stone in varying shades of green. Very smooth coloration. Jade is a name that is used by two different stones, nephrite and jadeite. Green jade is a classic prosperity stone. It promotes the flow of money and abundance. It also benefits healing by connecting a person with the Earth. Many people keep it in their place of business to bring about a healthy relationship with money.

*K* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Universal Love, Joy
Chakra: Heart(4th)
Element: Water
Kunzite is a semi-translucent pink to violet stone. Kunzite opens the heart to the energy of Universal Love. It awakens the intuition of the heart chakra and allows you to feel what is right. Like rose quartz, it is an excellent stone to give away. Giving the gift of Universal Love is a blessed act. Kunzite can be used in any situation where emotional healing is desired.
Key Words: Psychic ability, Telepathy, Bridging gaps
Chakra: Third Eye(6th)
Element: Air
Kyanite is an elongated, flat, blade-like crystal. There are several colors of Kyanite including blue, indigo, green, and black. Blue Kyanite, the most common, has a very high vibration and bridges gaps in our psyche. It links the physical with the astral, making it a premiere stone for dream work. It energizes and balances the third eye chakra, increasing telepathy and other psychic abilities.

*L* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Lapis Lazuli:
Key Words: Self Knowledge, Inner Vision
Chakra: Third Eye(6th)
Element: Air
Lapis Lazuli is an opaque indigo stone with flecks of gold (Pyrite). Lapis awakens us to our inner strengths. It gives us knowledge of our true nature and how we can best fulfill our Soul Journey. Excellent for the third eye, Lapis can open our inner vision and show us the direction to go in life to best reach our potential.
Lava Rock
Key Words: Fire, Fire Allies,The Phoenix
Chakra: Root(1st)
Element: Fire
Lava rock is the physical embodiement of fire. It started as molten lava and formed into rock. It is the only stone that I know of that is a physical form of what was once solely fire. It is an incredibly powerful stone for anyone born under a fire sign in their astrology, or for anyone who needs more fire in their lives. Lava rock can be used to develop a relationship with the Fire Allies, the energy that is fire, bringing about swift action towards long-sought after goals. The energy of fire is direct, powerful, impassioned, and headstrong. It can be very useful for those who are indecisive, timid,or who generally feel weak.Lava rock can also help one develop stronger ties with the earth, beacuse it was once of one elemental form:fire, and has now transmuted to anotehr elemental form: earth. It can also be beneficial for fire signs who feel they are “too fiery”, by bringing a natural balance with the blending of earth’s grounded energies into the often “too quick to act” nature of fire sign people.

*M*Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Mahogany Obsidian:
Key Words: Freedom from limitations
Chakra: Root(1st), Sacral(2nd)
Element: Earth
Opaque stone closely resembling tree bark, tones of brown and streaks of black. Excellent stone for removing energy blockages in the root and sacral chakra. Helps to dissolve feelings of shame or unworthiness related to creativity or sexuality. When carried or worn, helps to prevent damage from psychic attack.
Key Words: Heart Healing, Protection, Confidence
Chakra: Solar Plexus(3rd), Heart(4th)
Element: Fire
A beautiful opaque stone with alternating bands and swirls of light and dark green. Powerful healing stone. Excellent for balancing and empowering the heart center. Also very good for protection from unwanted energies. Brings confidence to your ability to love unconditionally.
Key Words: Transformation, Spiritual Evolution
Chakra: All, Solar(third), Heart(fourth)
Element: All
Moldavite is a semi translucent, glass-like stone varying from light to dark green. An extremely powerful stone. A stone of activation, stimulating a powerful movement of energy in and around anything it is used with. Energetically sensitive people are oftentimes able to feel the energies in Moldavite within seconds of contact. Very effective for activating the third eye. Stimulates major transformation in your life.
Key Words: Hidden truth, mystery, lunar energy
Chakra: Third Eye(sixth), Crown(seventh)
Element: Air
A semi-translucent stone with a bluish white sheen. Moonstone carries the energy of the Moon. It illuminates hidden mysteries in the spirit and is excellent for balancing the feminine aspect of the self. Excellent stone for females to carry during the moon cycle. When used this way, it helps to receive the lessons available through the process instead of perceiving it as an uncomfortable biological function. Shares a connection with its Brother, Sunstone.
Moss Agate:
Key Words: Stability, grounding, Forest energy
Chakra: Root(1st), Heart(4th)
Element: Earth
Semi-translucent stone with a distinct green, mossy coloration and texture. Carries a strong forest energy, helping to connect with the Forest Mind. The energy of moss agate feels like moss growing on old trees. Good for grounding work because it provides a tree-like stability. Excellent for work on the heart chakra. Helps in receiving the benefits of healing herbs.

*O*Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Obsidian, Black:
Key Words: Grounding, Psychic Protection
Chakra: Root(1st)
Element: Earth
Shiny opaque black stone resembling glass. Excellent grounding stone. Very good for connecting to Earth energies. Also useful for yin balancing work, balancing and empowering that which is physically manifested. Many use Black Obsidian for divination work, gazing into it for insight. Very powerful stone for protection from psychic attack.
Onyx, Black:
Key Words: Inner Strength, Endurance, Persistence
Chakra: Root(1st), Solar(3rd)
Element: Earth
Opaque black stone. Helps to increase self esteem and focus your inner strength to accomplish your goals. Excellent for people with lack of drive or those who tend to procrastinate. Also good for connection to the Earth for grounding.

*P*Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Emotional Healing
Chakra: Sacral(2nd), Heart(4th)
Element: Water
Pearl is usually a spherical shiny white stone. Pearl is good for emotional balance because of its close relation to water. It also allows a person to take a challenge and turn it into a blessing.
Key Words: Prosperity, Well being
Chakra: Solar(3rd), Heart(4th)
Element: Earth
A semi-translucent green stone. Peridot is excellent for bringing in abundance energy. Helps to increase feelings of self worth and love. This in turn helps to manifest well being in all aspects of your life. Great stone to use when beginning a new business if in alignment with both heart and mind.

*Q* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words:Amplification, Clearing, Cleansing, Healing
Clear Quartz stones are one of the most versatile stones in the mineral realm. It easily enhances any intention focused through it. It also amplifies the energetic properties of any stones it is used with. Traditionally associated with energy amplification, energy healing, and purification of the energy bodies. Different formations of quartz have other associated properties:
Quartz Laser Wands: Usually long, tapered crystals used to focus energy into a beam. The energy from this beam is good for: chakra clearing (cutting energy cords that no longer represent one’s highest and greatest good), energy healing (particularly effective), and opening and empowering the various energy centers.

Double Terminated Quartz:
Points that have naturally occurring terminations at both ends. Very good for moving energy. Can receive or transmit energy through either termination. Useful for allowing a clear flow of energy through the body. Excellent meditation stone as it allows an easy connection to universal and Earth-based energy.
Rose Quartz:
Key Words: Unconditional Love, Friendship
Chakra: Heart(4th)
Element: Water
Rose quartz is a beautiful translucent pink stone that radiates the energy of unconditional love. It is the best crystal for healing anxiety because it replaces worries and fears and brings in feelings of calmness and reassurance. I use it to feel as though I am being lovingly cradled in the arms of the Earth Mother. Wonderfully balancing to the heart chakra. For more on rose quartz visit the opening the heart chakra page to learn how to use rose quartz to balance and open the fourth chakra center.

*R* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Emotional healing
Chakra: Solar(3rd), Heart(4th)
Element: Fire, Water
Opaque banded pink stone. Useful for balancing the emotional body. Particularly well suited for recovering repressed memories and healing them once they surface. Very tender and soothing stone when used in energy healing.
Key Words: Using Hidden Talents, Discovering Life Purpose
Chakra: Root(1st), Heart(4th)
Element: Earth, Fire
An opaque rosey-pink stone with black or brown inclusions. Rhodonite is good for finding your hidden talents and then using those talents to improve your life and the lives of others. A good stone for people considering a career in energy healing.
Key Words: Passion, Drive, Adventure
Chakra: Root(1st)
Element: Earth
Precious semi-translucent stone. A powerful stone for encouraging passion, drive, and enthusiasm. Provides a strong and vibrant energy for seeking adventure. Ruby would be a good stone for people who feel stagnant or lackluster.

*S* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Channeling, Visions
Chakra: Third Eye(3rd), Throat(5th)
Element: Air, Earth
Sapphire is a precious, translucent blue stone. Excellent stone for increasing ones insights into the Universe and then conveying that message to others. Also good for people desiring to enhance latent psychic skills such as telepathy or clairvoyance. Energy Healers who channel wisdom from other entities can use Sapphire to facilitate the process.
Key Words: Speak your Truth, Communication, Speak Up
Chakra: Throat(5th)
Element: Water
An opaque blue/white stone. Sodalite is a throat chakra stone that helps an individual to speak their truth. People with communication issues and challenges like speaking too softly, mumbling, letting their sentences drift off without completion, fear of telling others the truth, and not wanting to make other’s mad with their thoughts should all consider sodalite. Sodalite is also effective for helping smokers to release the toxins they are introducing into their bodies, and for those experiencing thyroid difficulties. Sodalite is also good for 6th chakra issues.
Key Words: Leadership, Strength, Solar Energy
Chakra: Sacral(2nd), Solar(3rd)
Element: Fire
Sunstone is a semi-translucent reddish orange stone with a warm glow and good reflective properties. This stone holds a strong connection to the star it is named after, our Sun. It represents the positive aspects of Masculine energy; leadership, strength, and personal power. You can use Sunstone to enhance your connection to the masculine aspects of Spirit. Meditating with Sunstone on the Solar Plexus will strongly stimulate an increase in personal power, courage and confidence. Excellent for people in leadership positions. Shares a connection with its Sister, Moonstone.

*T* Metaphysical Properties Of Stones

Key Words: Spiritual Expression, Enhanced Consciousness
Chakra: Heart(4th), Throat(5th), Third Eye(6th), Crown(7th)
Element: Wind
Tanzanite is a remarkably beautiful translucent dark blue/indigo. It allows a clear channel of energy from the Heart chakra to the Crown. It provides clear, healthy expression of love and connection to Spirit. Tremendously powerful for all those working with higher energies; Reiki Practitioners, Channels, Mediums. Establishes balance between the heart and the third eye. Increases access to and enhancement of your connection to your Highest Consciousness.

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