Metaphysical Dictionary

Our metaphysical dictionary is an extensive collection of energy healing terms and new age terminology. We’ve created the dictionary to be easy to use by beginners and still extensive enough for advanced energy healers to enjoy also. Is there a definition you’d like to see added? Email us through our contact form. We’d love to add it!

Metaphysical Dictionary A

Acupressure Definition:

Acupressure is a healing system based on TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is closely related to acupuncture. The main difference is that instead of thin needles being inserted along the meridian lines, acuppressure uses finger pressure along the meridian lines. Acupressure is used for healing a wide variety of ailments. Practitioners can be certified in Acupressure or it can be learned from a book.

Acupuncture Definition:
Acupuncture is a healing system based on TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. During an acupuncture treatment thin needles are inserted along the meridian lines of the body. This releases stagnant Chi (energy) and promotes healing of a wide variety of ailments. Acupuncture is performed by Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine who typically go through 4-6 years of schooling.

Age of Aquarius Definition:
Astrologically the planet and all of it’s inhabitants are shifting from the age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarious. Each age is based on one of the twelve signs of the zodiac and lasts approximately 2,000 years. The Age of Aquarious is known as a time for an elevation in the cosmic consciousness of every person and being on the planet. The exact date of the transition is not agreed on by all astrologers.

Akashic Record Definition:
Akasha is a Hindu word meaning sky or space. The new age movement of the early 19th Century adopted the word with a slight variation “akashic”. According to the theosophists of the early 19th Century, there is an Akashic Record, or Etheral Record, that contains all of the spiritual history of all of humanity and each individual. The Akashic Record can be accessed through hypnosis, between-life regressions, through the help of a Spirit Guide, and through channeling. The records are described as being a vast library. The concept originated with Hindu philosphy and has been widely adopted by the New Age and Metaphysical movement.

Angels Definition:
Many cultures have legends of winged beings of heightened consciousness that aid people on their spiritual paths. In christianity they are known as angels, in some of the pagan religions they are known as fairies and nature spirits, in Native American tradition they are known as the Bird Tribe. In the New Age tradition, many people call them Spirit Guides. Angels are known to help people out in traumatic situations if they are called on, they are also known as a gentle, guiding force that helps a person along their spiritual journey.

Angel Guides Definition:
An Angel Guide is a specific angel that a person feels drawn to work with. They could be drawn to this angel through a dream, a vision, or even just an intuition that they should work with that particular angel guide. A person can call on their angel guide to help them with difficult decisions and times, as well as keeping focused on a higher path.

Aromatherapy Definition:
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to aid in the balancing of the body, mind, and spirit. Many energy healing practitioners and massage therapists use aromatherapy as an adjunct to their other healing modalities. The most common aromatherapy choices are lavender for calmness and stress reduction, rose for passion and love, peppermint for upliftment and revitalizing energy, and sage for clearing stagnant and negative energy. Aromatherapy is often used as straight essential oils placed in an aromatherapy burner. Other methods of aromatherapy are dabbing diluted oils on energy centers of the body, burning incense, or using the whole flower of the plant in a satchet, bath, or potpourri mix.

Ashram Definition:
A spiritual community where individuals choose to live and dedicate their time to furthering their consciousness, usually following one specific spiritual belief system. The specific word ashram is most often associated with the Hindu religion and it’s sub sects, although some new age groups may also term their communities as an ashram.

Ascension Definition:
It is said that there are two ways to pass from this level of existence. One is through death and the other is through ascension. When a person becomes highly evolved and reaches the highest levels of spiritual consciousness they can choose to ascend from this reality. It is the goal of many to eventually ascend, whether it be in this lifetime or a future one.

Ascended Masters Definition:
Ascended masters have reached the highest levels of spiritual consciousness and as such are free of the wheels of karma. Acended masters have chosen to stay close to the earthly realms rather than move on to the higher realms of existence. They choose to do this to help others on their spiritual paths and to advance the consciousness of all those in the earthly realms.

Astral Plane Definition:
The astral plane is one of the seven planes of existence. It is the one closest to our plane of existence. People experience the astral plane more frequently than is commonly realized. When a person sees a ghost or anomaly, it is often an entity from the astral plane. A common practice in the New Age world is to attempt astral projection, read below for more information on astral projection and read the definition for Seven Planes of Existence for more information on the other planes and how the astral plane is connected to them.

Astral Projection Definition:
Astral projection usually happens during meditation or deep sleep. It is when the etheric body of a person enters the astral plane. It is commonly associated with the dream experiences of flying, trying to fly, or swimming through the air. It is the beginning steps of astral travel. Often if a person experiences resistance while going through the air in a dream it means they are only partially in the astral plane and partially on the earthly plane. An astral dream is often noticeably different from a standard dream, and one will wake up with a feeling of being in a higher state of consciousness or of having extremely vivid details of the dream. Another common astral dream is to meet with spiritual guides or ascended masters who teach spiritual principals in the dream. It is wise to keep a separate dream journal and write down the astral dreams you experience. They can often unlock the next stage to your consciousness evolution.

Astrology Definition:
Astrology is based on the cosmic cycles of the planets and their movements. Astrology has been studied for thousands of years by many different cultures. The basic system of astrology is focused on twelve zodiacal signs. A person can learn about the deeper reasons for why they and their loved ones act in certain ways by studying their astrology sign and the character traits associated with it.

Astrology (Chinese) Definition:
China has it’s own astrological system based on the year of birth rather than the day of birth. There are twelve zodiacal signs associated with Chinese astrology based on different animals. The twelve animals of the zodiac are rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, rat, ox, tiger, sheep, monkey, dog, pig, and rooster. Each of the twelve signs are subdivided further into four more element types. For example a person could be a wood tiger, a metal tiger, an earth tiger, a water tiger, or a fire tiger.

Attunement Definition:
Attunements are used in Reiki Energy Healing to “attune” a person to the healing energies of Reiki and open them up as a conduit for healing others. Many people who are energy healers and receive a Reiki attunement and certificate find their ability to transmit healing energy greatly heightened. Attunements are also used in many other energy healing systems, although it is most frequently used to describe a Reiki Attunement. * See our Reiki Section for more information about Reiki Attunements.

Aura Definition:
A subtle energy that surrounds the human body. Also commonly called the auric field. The existence of auras have long been conjectured as valid truth by the new age community and is now gaining some scientific backing with the recent discovery of the electro-magnetic field surrounding each person. Many psychics and seers have aura-sight, the ability to see an individual’s aura. Auras are commonly seen as a rainbow of various colors emanating out from less than an inch to several feet from a body. It is possible to practice seeing aura’s by dimming the lights in a room and gazing at a person with relaxed, half-closed eyes. Most people who practice this several times are able to see a “glow” around the person, plant, or animal they are looking at.

Aura Balancing:
If a person is out of balance the imbalance is usually perceivable in the chakra system or the aura system. An imbalance can be seen by people with aura-sight as an oddly shaped aura, missing sections in the aura, darkened sections of the aura, or weak open spots in the auric field. as Many energy healers use techniques to help balance a client’s aura. Energy Healing modalities have an automatic balancing effect on an individual’s aura, even if it is not specifically intended. The reason for this is because of the connection between body, mind, and spirit. If one area of a person is brought back into balance, the rest of their systems follow automatically.

Auric Field Definition:
See the definition for aura.

Automatic Writing:
Automatic writing is a form of channeling that occurs in some cases. Writing is produced without the individual mentally thinking and formulating the ideas, instead the ideas are “channeled” by a spirit guide, angel, or entity. A person can practice automatic writing by meditating before a writing session and doing stream-of-thought writing. This will not always produce channeled automatic writing, but it will open the intention to the universe that you are willing to be a conduit.

Avatar Definition:
An avatar is similar to an ascended master, but is more often considered to be an aspect of a god or goddess that has descended into the earthly realms. Avatar is a Hindu word, also spelled Avatara, and is commonly used in the Hindu religion to describe a divine being or Deva who has descended into human form for a period of time to assist beings with their spiritual work.

Metaphysical Dictionary B

Beta Definition:
See the Brain Wave Frequencies Definition for a complete description of the beta brain wave frequency as well as the gamma, alpha, theta, and delta.

Bhagavad Gita Definition:
A sanskrit text of the Hindus. The sacred scripture is written from the viewpoint of Krishna, a Hindu god and it’s age is estimated at roughly 5 B.C. It is a Upanishad text from the Hindu religion, that is also frequently used by members of the Hare Krishna religion.

Biofeedback Definition:
Biofeedback is based on monitoring the physiological responses of the body using a biofeedback machine. Using a biofeedback machine can teach a person how to lower their stress levels and enter a meditative state more easily. It trains an individual by giving them signals about their current levels of stress based on a variety of indicators such as respiration rates and brain wave frequencies. Biofeedback machines vary in price and quality. The interactive cd-rom Journey into the Wild Divine is based on biofeedback principles.

Bodhisattva Definition:
A being who has attained enlightenment and instead of moving on to the next levels of existence chooses to stay behind and help those still in the earthly realms. Jesus Christ and Buddha are two well known examples of bodhisattvas.

Brain Wave Frequency Definition:
Read Brain Wave Frequencies for a full description of the brain waves: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta.

Buddha Definition:
According to the tenets of Buddhism a Buddha is one who has attained the highest self-enlightenment. The first Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama who obtained enlightenment in approx. 534 BC while sitting in meditation under a bhodi tree. Many of the Buddhist traditions agree that there have been 27 more Buddhas on Earth since the first one. Buddha is revered by people that adhere to the many forms of the Buddhist religion, as well as in the Hindu religion, meditation enthusiasts, and by many who follow the New Age movement.

Buddhism Definition:
Buddhism is one of the world’s largest religions with estimates of between 2 million and 5 million followers. Buddhism began in India with the original Buddha Gautama Buddha in approximately 500 BC. Since then the religion has spread to many parts of the world, with the heaviest concentration in the Asian countries. There are many sects of Buddhism which differ in their teachings from one another. For more information about Buddhism, most cities in America and other countries have Buddhist temples that offer weekly devotional services, usually on a donations only basis.

Metaphysical Dictionary C

Chakra Definition:
Chakras are energy centers within the human body. There are seven main chakras, the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. The word chakra comes from India. It is a sanskrit word which translates to wheel, vortex, or circle. The concept of Chakras originated in Hinduism and has been largely adopted by the New Age and Metaphysical community. Check out the Detailed Chakra Chart for more information.

Chakra Balancing Definition:
Chakras can become imbalanced through stress, physical and emotional traumas, stagnant energy, and unexpressed emotions and feelings. Many holistic practitioners balance a client’s chakras through a variety of healing modalities, although some offer the specific service of chakra balancing. Some examples of chakra balancing practices are: Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, QiGong, and Bija Mantra Chanting. The chakra section of our website has chakra balancing techniques to get you started.

Channeler Definition:
A channeler is a person who is “sensitive” to energy and opens themselves up as a conduit for angels, spirit guides, and other entities to share spiritual information with people on this plane. Some channelers also channel messages from deceased loved ones. The channeler acts as a link between this plane and the higher planes of consciousness. Channelers are also sometimes called Mediums.

Channeling Definition:
When a Channeler (an energetically sensitive person) opens themselves to the energies of higher beings and allows them to communicate through their voice. When a person is channeling they go into a meditative state and the Angel, Spirit Guide, or other entity comes forward to share information.

Clairaudience Definition:
Ability to hear ghosts, angels, spirit guides, fairies, or other entities from different planes of existence. Some people with clairaudience have developed this ability to the point where they can turn it on or off at will. Many people have one or more experiences with clairaudience in their lifetimes. It is possible to develop this ability.

Clairvoyance Definition:
Often called Second Sight. Clairvoyance is the ability to see things from other planes of reality such as ghosts, spirits, spirit guides, angels and other entities. Clairvoyance is something that can be developed through practice. Most people will have at least one experience of clairvoyance in their lifetimes. The authors of this website have had several.

Clairvoyant Definition:
A person who receives extrasensory impressions in the form of “inner sight” or with their eyes. Clairvoyants often have the ability to see ghosts and other entities close to this plane of existence. Clairvoyants can sometimes see auras around people and objects, or see if a space has clear or tainted energy.

Color Therapy Definition:
A therapy that uses color as a way of healing an individual. Colors are often related to the seven chakras.
1st: Root: Reds, Browns, and Black
2nd: Sacral: Reds and Oranges
3rd: Solar: Yellow and Light Oranges
4th: Heart: Green
5th: Throat: Light Blue and Turquoise Blue
6th: Third Eye: Indigo and Dark Blue
7th: Crown: Purple, Gold, and White

The colors are applied by wearing them, having them present in the home in certain locations, or by burning candles of the chosen colors. Other methods include the Color Therapy Bath products, color therapy light projectors, and crystals of a chosen color. The Chakra Colour Chart has more information on color therapy.

Cosmic Consciousness:
Cosmic consciousness is similar to the concept of collective consciousness. It is a belief that we live in a universe that is conscious, aware, alive, and interconnected. The cosmic consciousness of the universe is a common new age concept. Cosmic consciousness also refers to a person becoming at one with the universe so that their consciousness melds with the cosmos seamlessly. To attain cosmic consciousness is to see the universe as God and God as the universe.

Course In Miracles Definition:
A popular book channeled through Helen Schucman and transcribed by William Thetford which aims at removing the blocks to the awareness of the presence of love. Many Unity churches offer lectures, workshops, and on-going series of classes related to the Course in Miracles information. It is based on Christian principles, although it does not adhere to any of the specific Christian theologies. It has been for sale since 1976 and has sold 1 and 1/2 million copies.

Crystal Definition:
Crystals are rocks, stones, and gemstones formed by geopathic pressures within the earth. Many people, ourselves included, use crystals to heal and align imbalances within the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Crystals can also be used for raising the vibration in a home, clearing negative energy, and to stimulate the chakras.

Crystal Charging Definition:
Charging a crystal means amplifying and attuning the energies of a particular stone to help produce a specific outcome. For example, a person might charge an amethyst crystal to promote a higher connection to spirit, or charge an obsidian stone to provide grounding for an individual who is scattered and flighty, or charge an azurite crystal to promote dream work.

Crystal Cleansing Definition:
Crystals pick up energy from the people and places around them. It is important to cleanse crystals periodically to remove old, stagnant energies that have become attached to them. There are many methods of cleansing crystals, the most popular one being immersing the stone in saltwater and leaving it outside overnight in the moonlight. Other methods include sage smudging, toning and chanting, ocean and river cleansing, earth cleansing, and sound cleansing.

Crystal Healing Definition:
Using crystals for a healing effect. There are crystal healing practitioners who provide a crystal healing session, but it can also be done by individuals on their own. Crystal healing can be as simple as keeping a clear quartz point in your pocket, to as elaborate as creating crystal grids and mandalas using many stones and creating Reiki Healing Crystals. A common method of crystal healing is to place the appropriate stone on the area of the body needing healing.

Metaphysical Dictionary D

Discarnate Entity Definition:
A discarnate entity is any being who is not in a corporeal form. The term is often used to refer to ghosts or spirits, but the definition technically also includes angels, spirit guides, and animal totems. Many people have a negative connotation with this term, although discarnate entities are not necessarily bad or evil, they can also be higher spiritual beings visiting a person in this realm to assist in their spiritual development. If you feel you are being visited by a discarnate entity, whether good or bad, it is recommended that you seek out a healing practitioner that can help you work with their guidance if they are good, or teach you how to create a protection zone around yourself if they are bad.

Divination Definition:
The act of receiving information from higher sources. There are many divination methods and many of them have been in use for thousands of years. Some common modern examples of divination are tarot readings, rune readings, pendulum dowsing, divining rod dowsing, and tea leaf reading. There are many practitioners who offer divination services, but you can also learn how to do divinations on your own. As always, time and practice will strengthen your skills. My personal favorite methods of divination are the Osho Zen Tarot Cards, and simply shutting my eyes, asking a question and waiting for visions to form in my minds eye.

Dowsing Definition:
Dowsing is a form of divination work that most frequently uses a divination rod or pendulum. When dowsing with a divining rod or pendulum, the user asks their higher spirit guides to assist and provide them with answers to questions. The movement of the rod or pendulum indicates the answer. Dowsing has an old history and traditionally was used by rural people to find underground sources of water for wells. In our area of the country, rural Arkansas, there are still old-time dowsers who locate water sources in this way, as well as modern people who use dowsing to answer other questions in their lives.

Dowser Definition:
A person who uses dowsing methods, often to find water, oil, and lost money or things.The term dowser and diviner are closely related.

Metaphysical Dictionary E

Eckankar Definition:
Eckankar is a modern new age religion that was founded in the 1970’s by Paul Twitchell. The religion focuses on raising one’s consciousness to higher planes of awareness and developing soul travel abilities to realize divine consciousness. They have a beautiful practice of chanting Hu, considered a love song to God. When sitting in a room with hundreds of people doing a Hu chant, it is a transformational experience. My mother and father are Eckists, and I (Tanja, one of the EHI writers) was raised as an Eckist, although I now follow no specific religion. Eckists hold weekly and monthly “Satsang” meetings in major cities around the country, and also have state seminars and national seminars many times a year.

Emotional Freedom Technique Definition:
Emotional Freedom Technique, also called EFT for short, is likened to emotional accupuncture. A person taps energy meridians on their bodies with their fingertips while verbally speaking their requested change. For example a person might wish to be more happy. They would say the word “happiness” and do a series of meridian taps. The concept behind it is that tapping the meridians clears out stagnant energy or “chi” that is trapped in a person. By repeating the state that you want to bring into the world, you are programming your subconscious to allow that state in. EFT is often used for emotional issues first, and then physical. A person can learn EFT on their own, or have sessions with an EFT practitioner.

Empath Definition:
A person who is “sensitive” to energies, and often finds themselves feeling the emotions and sometimes physical sensations of the people, places, things and animals around them. Empaths often tune in to friends depressions and bad moods, and know when someone is down even when they haven’t said a word. Many people are empathic and it is my belief that we are all empathic but that our upbringings haven’t taught us to recognize this ability, so it remains unnoticed in most people. Empaths often struggle with this ability at first, because situations, places, and people can feel overwhelming before you learn how to control your own vibrational field. I (Tanja, EHI writer) experienced this growing up in a large, populated area. It is much easier to be in the country, surrounded by nature, where the energies are extremely calm and balanced. Even power lines can affect empaths negatively.

Energy Healing Definition:
Energy Healing is an umbrella term that encompasses all of the different types of alternative healing methods for promoting balance within the body, mind, and spirit of an individual. Examples of energy healing are hands on healing, Reiki, EFT, Quantum Touch, Radiant Heart Therapy, Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing. There are many other forms of energy healing also. Energy healing methods have been used by cultures and traditions across the world since the beginning of mankind. The most simple example is a mother holding a child while feeling love for the child. It is simply sending loving energy to another being, place, or thing.

The act of removing negative forces from a person, place, or thing, using techniques or rituals. The term exorcism is most often used in relation to Christianity, although many other religions and cultures also perform exorcisms. An exorcism is performed when a person, place, or thing is felt to hold negative or evil energy. Exorcisms often utilize holy water, spiritual chanting, and sage smudging.

Extraterrestrial Definition:
An extraterrestrial is an unidentified entity coming from someplace other than earth, often space. ET’s are also referred to as aliens. We have yet to encounter an extraterrestrial ourselves, but we have met many others who are certain they have had an encounter.

Metaphysical Dictionary F

Feng Shui Definition:
The Chinese art of arranging rooms, furniture, buildings, and belongings so that good “chi” or energy is present. Feng Shui utilizes a bagua to determine places in a house or home that correlate to certain aspects of a person’s life: such as family, wealth, health, and love. By enhancing the “chi” of the correlated space, that aspect of a person’s life is enhanced. If you haven’t tried Feng Shui, give it a shot, at least a loose interpretation. Clearing clutter and placing stones in certain areas of your home can produce amazing effects, although we tend to not get into the rigidity of some of the rules. For example, why use leaded glass manufactured crystals, when you can use a real crystal?

Firewalking Definition:
Firewalking is the practice of walking over hot coals without burning your feet. There are firewalking groups that get together regularly in many parts of the country, and you can also attend firewalking workshops. The leader will assist everyone in getting into a “trance state”, and empowering the individuals so that their feet do not get burned. It is a mind over matter philosophy and is very empowering. Don’t try firewalking on your own, instead go to a respected Firewalking Workshop in your area, where a trained professional can guide you through the process.

Floatation Tank Definition:
A sensory deprivation tank is a large tank filled with epsom salts and water that is heated to the exact human temperature. A person immerses themselves in the tank and feels as though they are “floating in air”. Sensory deprivation tanks are often used for self-exploration, meditation, and discovery.

Flower Essences Definition:
The use of homeopathic essences made of flowers and trees used as catalysts for emotional healing. Dr. Edward Bach originated the use of flower essences in the early twentieth century and his line of Bach Flower Essences is available in most health food stores. The stand-by essence is Rescue Remedy used when a person has undergone physical or emotional trauma. There are many other essences available, as well as essences from other companies. Patrick (one of the EHI writers) is a Certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner. After using these formulas for years, we can attest to their profound healing effects.

Four Directions Definition:
The four directions is a Native American term referring to the four directions of North, South, East, and West. Each of the four directions has an association to one of the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. During Native American Ceremonies (as well as many New Age ceremonies that have borrowed from the tradition), the four directions are honored. The Pagan religions and Neo-Pagan religions also honor the four directions during ceremony. The practice of honoring the four directions is a part of many old cultural traditions and is an honoring of the earth beneath our feet that gives us a place to walk, the air with which we breathe which gives us life, the fire in the sky that gives us warmth, and the water with which we drink which gives us cleansing. The Tarot also has a correlation to the four directions as it has four suits and each suit is related to one of the elements. Cups is water which relates to emotions. Coins is earth which relates to the material world. Wands is fire which relates to creativity. Swords is air which relates to the intellect.

Metaphysical Dictionary G

Guided Meditation Definition:
A guided meditation is different than regular meditation. In regular meditation a person often sits alone or in a group quietly, focusing on still the mind. In guided meditation, there is a person, either leading a group or on a CD speaking while others meditate. Guided meditations can accomplish different things. They can be focused on releasing painful memories, meeting a spirit guide, activating the chakras, even something as mundane as improving a golf swing or losing weight. I love guided meditations, and was lucky to be introduced to them at a very young age of seven years old. They can be powerful tools for transformation in a person’s life.

Metaphysical Dictionary H

Holistic Definition:
Focusing on the whole instead of individual parts. For example, focusing on the whole person instead of individual organs, focusing on the whole planet’s needs instead of an individual country. The holistic belief system holds that everything is interrelated and viewing things in small parts does not provide a balanced outlook. The concept of holisitic living for example would be viewing all aspects of your life and seeing that they are all in balance, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, and not allowing anyone particular aspect of life to take over the others. An example of a lack of holism would be spending years studying for school at the expense of exercise.

Holistic Healing Definition:
Healing that focuses on the interrelatedness of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of a person. Many alternative health practitioners follow a belief system based in holistic healing, whereas modern allopathic medicine often treats the symptoms a person is displaying without looking at the large picture of imbalance in a person’s life that has created the symptom. A classic example of an allopathic outlook would be prescribing blood pressure medication to a person displaying high blood pressure, without noting that the individual is working sixty hours a week and going to night school. A holistic viewpoint would address the imbalance in the person’s life of working too hard and recommend a lifestyle change of cutting back on work related hours that could potentially reduce the person’s blood pressure without resorting to drugs with negative side effects.

Homeopathy Definition:
A school of medicine that originated in the late 18th century by a German Physician Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the concept that a minute dose of a substance will offer a healing effect, and the doses are often on an electromagnetic level, with only the smallest amount of the healing substance present in the formula. Flower essences are also prepared in a homeopathic fashion. Many people have found fantastic healing results from homeopathic preparations. They are readily available at health food stores, and there are also Homeopathic Medical Doctors in practice.

Hypnosis Definition:
The act of being put under a hypnotic state by a hypnotherapy practitioner for the purpose of changing one’s subconscious blueprint so that the individual can release negative behavior patterns. Often used for weight loss, for quitting smoking, and other negative behaviors that a person wishes to release.

Metaphysical Dictionary I

I Ching Definition:
A Traditional Chinese method of divination using I Ching Coins.

Incense Definition:
A powdered aromatic substance made from herbs and flowers that is burned during rituals, religious ceremonies, space cleansing, or for the pleasure of the smell. Incense is most often associated with India, although many other traditions across the world have used forms of incense for millennia as well. Incense often comes in a stick form, cone form, powdered, or still in it’s original herbal state such as sage, frankincense, myrrh and more. When choosing an incense for spiritual practices it is best to pick a brand that uses natural essences instead of synthetic. Personal brand favorites are Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, Song of India, Shoyeido, and Maroma.

Iridology Definition:
The science of studying the iris of the eye to assess the health or disorders present in a person. Iridology practitioners have often undergone extensive training before offering Iridology services.

Metaphysical Dictionary K

Kabbalah Definition:
Often spelled Qabala, kabala, kabalah, qabalah, cabala, cabbala, kaballa, and qaballa. The Kabbala is a study of the ancient Hebrew Scriptures often with a mystical focus. These mystical Jewish teachings focus on hidden interpretations within the Hebrew Scriptures.

Kinesiology Definition:
Technique of dowsing using pressure on parts of the body to determine the correct course of action or choice to make. When done on oneself an individual often holds their thumb and forefingers together in a circle with one set of fingers inside of the other. Depending on the tension felt when asking the question, they determine the best choice to make. When done by another person, the individual will often hold one arm out, while another person presses down on the arm when asking questions. The more tension or strength felt determines which is the best choice to make. Often used by some people to determine the best supplement or herb to choose. I prefer intuition, pendulum dowsing, or divination with tarot to kinesiology, but there are many advocates for this system.

Kirlian Photography Definition:
Kirlian photography is the closest thing to a true aura photo available. It is a photographic process using a special camera that uses a high voltage, low amperage field to photograph the electromagnetic field around an object or person. It is much more accurate than the typical aura photos available on the marketplace, but also much rarer, and only shows impressions of small objects like fingertips. It was invented by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian.

Metaphysical Dictionary M

Magic Definition:
The use of intention, divine will, and personal energy to create a specific outcome. Magic has been used by traditions and cultures for thousands of years, and is still in use today. Many people of the Christian faith see it as a negative action. Depending on the user’s intent it can be negative, or very positive. In it’s essence, magic is no different than praying to a higher spirit or God for a particular outcome. A person can do magic to increase health, emotional stability, and many other things. We prefer the term “energy work” because it does not have negative connotations associated with it.

Mandala Definition:
Mandalas are a spiritual tool representing the cosmos and macrocosmos. They are often used to by spiritual seekers as a meditation tool. Gazing upon the intricacies of a mandala brings a person to a higher spiritual awareness. Mandalas are often geometric pictures of varying intricacies.They originated in India and are associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, and many new age movement philosophies.

Mantra Definition:
The concept of Mantras originated in India. A mantra is a repetition of sacred words. There are many traditional mantras. Some of the more common ones are Om, Om Mani Padme Hum, Hu, and the Bija Mantras. A person can also create their own sacred mantra. Mantras are most often chanted or sung, but they can also be written as the written word has sacred energy also. Mantras are often used in Sound Healing practices, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Medicine Wheel Definition:
A medicine wheel is a Native American sacred circle that represents the Universe and the balance of all creation. It is often symbolized in art around a home, or an actual medicine wheel is created on the ground in ritual or ceremony. The medicine wheel is used by Native American spiritual practices, and has also been adopted by the metaphysical movement.

Meditation Definition:
Standard meditation often involves sitting quietly either alone or with a group of people and doing one of two things, clearing the mind or focusing intent. Meditation is done to raise the vibrational level of a person, clear mental chatter, or for the higher purpose of acheiving enlightenment. There are many religions that incorporate meditation, but meditation in and of itself does not have to be a religious act. Even atheists can benefit from the stress reduction involved in meditation.

See the definition for channeling.

Metaphysical Dictionary N

Numerology Definition:
A method of divination using numbers. A common method of numerology is to find one’s birth number. It is similar to the astrological zodiac symbols in that each number is associated with certain character traits. By studying the character traits of your birth number, an individual gains insights into their behavior and personality.

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Palmistry Definition:
A method of divination using lines, shapes, and textures on a person’s hand. It is also known as palm reading. The most frequent characteristics discovered during a palm reading are health, life expectancy, and periods of time in a person’s future that will be traumatic or easy. Gifted palm readers can go deeper into the reading and use the palm as a divination tool to access all kinds of information about the individual. Palmistry is often associated with gypsy’s and street fairs. As in any divination there are charlatans and gifted practitioners. It is good to get a recommendation and use your own intuition when choosing a diviner to work with.

Parapsychology Definition:
The scientific study and investigation of paranormal activity. Parasychology groups often are most associated with the study of ghosts and spirits, although this activity also includes any paranormal phenomenon. There are many active groups and societies now that will investigate hauntings and in some cases also clear the space associated with the haunting.

Past-Life Regression Definition:
During a past-life regression a person is put into a hypnotic state by a Regression Practitioner for the purpose of recalling past lives, reincarnations, and future lives.

Psychic Definition:
A person who has one or more paranormal abilities such as esp, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, channeling, empathy, or sensitivities to the other realms around us. All of us have psychic abilities. Some people are more gifted than others, but many people will have at least one experience in their lives of extra-sensory perception. The most common is associated with ghosts and spirits.

Psychic Healing:
Using psychic abilities to scan a person for health issues and in some cases, heal those issues. A famous psychic healer is Caroline Myss who can access specific medical ailments within clients and tell them what they need to do to release themselves of the ailment. Her diagnosis of patient’s is accurate enough to pinpoint diseases such as HIV and heart disease. She has written multiple books, and we highly recommend her books. It is apparent that she is a clear channel for spirit with an incredibly strong connection to divine sources.

Metaphysical Dictionary R

Reading Definition:
A general term for any kind of divination reading. It is commonly associated with psychic readings, tarot readings, palm readings, pendulum readings, I Ching readings, rune readings and tea leaf readings. Readings are often given at new age stores, new age fairs and festivals. Some readers have their own office where they do readings from, and others do them at their homes.

Rebirthing Definition:
Rebirthing therapists guide a person through a process of reliving their birthing experience. Rebirthing advocates feel that the process of childbirth is a traumatic event and that the rebirthing process will allow an individual to release the trauma associated with their birth.

Reflexology Definition:
Reflexology focuses on applying pressure and massage to pressure points in the hands and feet, to heal various parts of the body. There are meridian lines that travel through the human body and the pressure points in the feet and hands associate with various organ systems. By massaging and triggering the pressure points in the feet and hands, the associated organs are cleared of blocked “chi” energy and healing can begin.

Reiki Definition:
A Japanese healing form discovered by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Rei means universal and ki means energy or life flow. Reiki is the most widely adopted hands on healing method in practice today. We love it!

Reiki Healing Definition:
A Reiki Healing is where a practitioner or individual who has been attuned to Reiki healing energy opens their crown chakra to the clear white light universal life energy, allows that energy to travel through their body, and channels the energy through their hands towards a person, animal, place, or thing. Reiki can be done in person with a laying on of hands or from a distance, with no reduction in it’s effectiveness. Reiki is a very gentle, soothing form of healing. Both of us (Tanja & Patrick) have been Reiki practitioners for over ten years.

RuneStones Definition:
A divination method dating to approximately 800 A.D. and originating in the Nordic and Germanic regions of the world. There are twenty five rune stones (tiles made of ceramic, wood, or bone) each inscribed with a rune (letter from the Viking alphabet). Casting the rune stones is similar to other divination methods, with meanings associated with the positioning of the runes once they are cast.

Metaphysical Dictionary S

Shaman Definition:
Traditionally this term refers to an indigenous healer. The term is most often associated with the medicine men of many of the Native American cultures, although the term is also applicable to any other tribal healer. The term shaman has been largely adopted by the new age movement to describe anyone who does healing, spiritual, and holy work.

Sound Healing Definition:
The use of healing, soothing sounds to raise a person’s vibrations, bring their bodies into harmony, and release physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments. There are practitioners who specifically focus on sound healing and provide sessions, although anyone can get started with sound healing simply by drumming, chanting, singing, or toning. One of the EHI writers (Patrick) is a sacred sound healer who uses crystal singing bowls, chanting, mantras, ting-shaws, shanti-chimes, and Native American rattles in his sessions.

Spiritual Counselor Definition:
A practitioner who provides counseling to individuals. Spiritual counseling varies from psychotherapy practices by focusing on divine wisdom to achieve balance in their clients. Many spiritual counselors also incorporate energy healing modalities into their counseling sessions to provide deeper healing. For example, when Patrick (one of the EHI writers) does a spiritual counseling session with a client, he will often intuit that a certain action will aid the individual in achieving balance and emotional healing. He also adds in sound healing techniques, Reiki, and crystals when intuited to do so.

Spiritual Healing Definition:
This term is most often associated with faith healing. Both terms refer to healing an individual through the use of prayer, spiritual practices, and laying on of hands. The healing is often associated as coming from a spiritual energy or from God. Spiritual healing is another term that comes under the umbrella of energy healing.

Spiritualism Definition:
A new age religion that believes in the possibility of contact between the living and the departed. At a spiritualist church, effort is often placed on developing one’s psychic abilities to enhance the ability to communicate with those who have passed over. Many spiritualists do not have the typical American fear of death, because of their belief systems. There is a famous Spiritualist Church group in Casadega Florida, that we have had an opportunity to visit. Many spiritualists offer psychic services to communicate with those who have passed on.

Metaphysical Dictionary T

Tai Chi Definition:
A Chinese martial art form based on awareness of “chi” energy flow within the body. Tai Chi is a gentle practice with the movements performed slowly and consciously to raise, move, and build energy within a person’s body. The form is very grounding and centering and is based on Taoist philosophy.

Tarot Cards:
A standard tarot deck consists of seventy-eight divination cards that are divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Tarot cards are used in tarot divinations also commonly referred to as tarot readings. There are a multitude of different tarot card decks available on the market, some following traditional meanings, and some varying greatly from the traditional. Our favorite tarot card deck is the non-traditional Osho Zen Tarot Card Deck that focuses on the philosophies of the Indian Mystic Osho.

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UFO Definition:
The textbook definition is an unidentified flying object with no known human-made origin. Often thought to be piloted by intelligent beings (aliens, extraterrestrials, ET’s) from outer space or another dimension.

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Vision Quest Definition:
A Vision Quest is a Native American spiritual practice often undertaken at puberty that involves fasting, prayer, and isolation for the purpose of gaining knowledge of one’s life purpose and guidance from spirit guides, animal totems, and Great Spirit.

Metaphysical Dictionary W

A term coined by the author Ruth Montgomery. It refers to a highly aware entity from the higher realms or spiritual dimensions who takes over an adult human’s body (with their permission) to do spiritual work on earth.

Wicca Definition:
Wicca is a modern “neopagan” pagan religion that focuses heavily on the mother goddess archetype and the father god archetype. Wicca follows the tenet of do no harm. Wicca observes the eight Sabbats in the wheel of the year as holy holidays and ceremonies honoring naturing are often conducted on these holy days. Wicca is often closesly associated with the term witch and pagan, although not all witches are Wiccan and not all pagans are Wiccan. Wiccans often follow the traditions of ancient pagan European religions and honor the old gods and goddesses of these times.

Metaphysical Dictionary Y

Yoga Definition:
Yoga comes from India. The form of Yoga most North Americans are familiar with is Hatha yoga, which focuses on stretches that are traditionally held for several minutes at a time. There are other forms of yoga such as Pranayamic Yoga which focuses on the breath and Shakti Yoga which focuses on developing devotion and love. The practice of Yoga is traditionally done as a spiritual discipline to aid the Yogi in achieving union with the Supreme Godhood.

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