How To Get Rid Of Acne Using Natural Remedies

Before we cover natural remedies for acne, let’s get to the root of what causes acne. Acne, commonly called pimples or zits, is an inflammatory, hormone-related imbalance affected by the action of testosterone in the sebaceous skin glands.

This imbalance is brought on by a diet of unhealthy fatty and/or sugary foods and a deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids. Related causes include constipation, cosmetics that block the pores, poor liver function (brought on by unhealthy diet), toxins in the system and stress.

Acne symptoms are characterized by plugs of oil and dead skin cells (whiteheads) that prevent free flow of oil to the skin surface. Whiteheads turn into blackheads after exposure to air. In more severe conditions, the oil and dead skin cells spread under the skin surface, become infected and cause scarring.


The first thing to focus on when using natural acne treatments is the diet. I will go into it more extensively in the How to Get Rid of Acne for Good section but I wanted to let you know that without the dietary changes, acne will continually reappear. Homemade acne treatments are for temporary flare-ups, the diet is the long term solution.


One of the most basic natural acne home remedies is to apply tea tree oil to individual spots. Tea tree oil is strongly antiseptic and helps tremendously. Apply tea tree oil to a Q-tip and apply to individual pimples. Do not squeeze pimples. This just makes the problem worse in the long run and increases the likelihood of scarring. If there is more than just a few spots, put some tea tree oil on an organic cotton ball and rub on all affected areas. Tea tree oil is effective but can be a bit drying.To tone the skin after treating with tea tree oil, apply some rose water.


Another homemade acne treatment is to rub garlic juice on individual spots or areas. Garlic, like tea tree oil, has strong antiseptic properties. It also has many sulfur compounds which are effective for healing skin imbalances. As with tea tree oil, you may find that applying rose water afterwards helps to keep the moisture levels in the skin. I would also recommend taking 3-4 good quality garlic capsules a day. This improves the condition from the inside out by increasing your body’s ability to handle acne outbreaks.


Oatmeal is another effective natural acne remedy. Prepare colloidal oatmeal by grinding (a coffee grinder works well) organic rolled oats to a fine powder. Add enough warm water to make the oatmeal powder into a paste. Apply this paste to affected areas, leave on until it gets dry and crusty and then wash. You can also take a bath in colloidal oatmeal, being sure to lightly rub affected areas (usually the face, shoulders, chest, and back). Rinse off in the shower to remove all traces of the oatmeal powder, otherwise it can get messy.


Herbal blends including burdock root, red clover, echinacea, turmeric, melissa extract (also called lemon balm) or yellow dock are also good natural acne remedies. Most of these formulas will be labeled as liver tonics or skin tonics. Any one of these herbs can help, but formulas are much more effective. Here are a few excellent choices…

If you do take a single herb, go for the burdock. Very nice herb for skin issues. Another fantastic herb for long term relief is aloe vera juice. Drink 2 ounces in the morning on an empty stomach and another 2 ounces at night before bed. This is another homemade acne treatment that takes a while to see results, but the results are worth it. Here are some of the best acne products with aloe…

As with all herbs, make sure it is a quality brand. The aloe strategy is particularly good for folks with indigestion, constipation, and other gastro-intestinal issues. Chances are, your eating habits are contributing to your acne. Aloe helps to heal the digestive tract along with the rest of the body. If you don’t like the taste of aloe, just mix it with an ounce or two of organic apple, pineapple, or papaya juice.


If the acne is particularly tough, consider applying a clay mask for 20-30 minutes every two or three days. This can help to draw out toxins from the skin which could be contributing. Again, this can be a bit drying so after washing the mask off, apply rose water.


Some other effective natural remedies for acne include rubbing affected areas with papaya skin, cucumber skin, or aloe vera gel. Be consistent and apply the remedies at least 2-3 times a day. The more persistent you are, the better your results will be.

As far as soap is concerned, I would go for a sulfur soap or oatmeal soap. There are several on the market from which I have seen good results.


As far as acne supplements, Natural remedies for acne include Beta Carotene and other carotenoids 100,000 iu/day. Garlic: 4 caps daily. Herbal blends including burdock root, red clover, echinacea, turmeric, ginger and cayenne. Bromelain and other proteolytic enzymes. Herpanacine by Dr. Diamond or Acne Zyme by Enzymatic Therapy are also very effective.


Natural remedies for Acne can be very successful for clearing up skin conditions. If you have severe or persistent acne, it may be time to look at your diet. Check out How to Get Rid of Acne for Good which has a diet plan that will permanently clear up your skin.

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