Clear Healthy Skin is Easy

Wondering how to get rid of acne?It may not seem possible, especially when your in the middle of a complexion
crisis, but there are some very simple and effective natural acne remedies.


This may not be what you want to hear,
but if you’re really serious about clearing up your complexion you need to take a look at what
you eat. (If you’d prefer to stick with other solutions, check out our comprehensive
natural remedies for acne page.)

There are three major culprits to acne and blemished skin: constipation, acidic pH, and toxins in your system.
By relieving these health factors there is an excellent chance that your skin will clear up quickly.

Clear Healthy Skin is Easy

Acne Home Remedies start with food choices. Right from the start, you should plan on eating a diet
rich in fresh organic fruits and vegetables. I can’t emphasise this enough as the most effective natural remedy
for how to get rid of acne.

Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake will benefit you in three ways:

It will alkalize your pH levels.

It will gently detoxify your system.

It will reduce constipation.

Let’s look at each one and see how they relate to beautiful, clear skin.

Eating more fruits and vegetables will alkalize your pH: The first benefit
of adding more fruits and veggies is this will keep your
body alkaline, which is an amazingly simple remedy to keep skin blemishes from happening. Acidic pH causes many
health issues like arthritis, inflammation, etc, and it also causes acne flare ups.

Eating more fruits and vegetables will detoxify your system: The second benefit of making a few dietary changes
is that by eating more leafy greens you will be increasing the amount of chlorophyll in your system.
Chlorophyll is one of the most effective acne home remedies. It helps to purify your blood and release toxins.
Toxins in a system are common culprits to acne and skin issues.

Some specific foods you should look for that contain chlorophyll are green leafy veggies like lettuces, kale, collards, and sprouts
(I prefer alfalfa sprouts and red clover sprouts).

Eating more fruits and vegetables will increase bowel regularity and reduce constipation:
Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. Fiber is well known to create healthy bowel habits. Constipation
causes toxins to store in your body and can often be the cause of acne. By adding more fiber to your diet
it will help by keeping the colon clean, causing less constipation, and in turn less toxins in your body,
and in turn clearer skin.

There are also foods that you should avoid if you want to clear up your skin for good. Before we get into the
what not to eat list, let’s review some great high fiber foods that can help relieve constipation and improve your skin.


Here is a list of high fiber food that can help you get rid of acne:

Fiber per serving (average of 1 cup or 1 medium size fruit)

Apples (with the skin) 5 grams

Avocado: 12 grams

Pears (with the skin) 5 grams

Berries: blueberries 4 grams, raspberries 8 grams, strawberries 4 grams, blackberries

Bananas: 4 grams

Citrus: grapefruit (per 1/2) 6 grams, oranges 3.5 grams

High fiber vegetables include:

Kale: 7 grams

Peas: 9 grams

Sweet Potato: 6 grams

Squash: 6 grams

Broccoli: 4.5 grams

Carrot: 5 grams

Spinach: 6 grams

Some other high fiber goodness:

Lentils: 15.5 grams

Lima Beans: 13 grams

Kidney Beans: 13 grams

Black beans: 15 grams

Almonds: 4 grams

Walnuts: 3 grams


Another extremely important factor in how to get rid of acne are what foods to eat are what foods to avoid. I know this is easier said than done,
but remember that even just a conscious reduction can be very beneficial.

Think about how much you want your skin to
be clear and beautiful before you reach for these foods. It’s not hard once you start to make the change, and
your complexion will thank you for it! Natural Acne Remedies foods to
avoid are:

Corn chips

Potato chips

Fried foods


Candy (including chocolate)

Pasteurized dairy
(including milk, cheese, ice cream, butter)

Peanut butter

White flour (crackers, cakes, cookies)

Refined sugar (sucrose, fructose)

Artificial colors of all kinds

Artificial flavors of all kinds

Artificial sweeteners of all kinds

Chemical preservatives

You should also minimize meats and refined grains (flour). These foods contribute to constipation
which is always bad for skin health. Keep meat consumption to no more than 3-4 ounces a day. You could consider
eliminating meat entirely, your body will thank you. If you do eat meat, always make sure it is
organically raised. The hormones and antibiotics that factor farmed animals are injected with
are REALLY bad for you and can cause extreme cases of acne because they imbalance your hormone levels.

Other acne factors can include over the counter medicines and pharmaceutical drugs. Consult with
a qualified health care practitioner to see if your medications could be contributing to skin flare-ups.

If you make even just minimal changes to your diet, you could see your acne symptoms clearing up
quite easily. If you have a severe case of acne, it will probably take more dietary changes than it will for
someone who only experiences minor blemishes.

To find out more solutions to skin flare ups check out our
comprehensive natural remedies for acne page.

If the idea of making these changes to your food habits seems intimidating, you can also get substantial relief
from adding supplements to your lifestyle that contain fiber and chlorophyll. Here are a few options…

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