Start a New Career as an Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy certification, schools, courses, learning and online training. Research career options
for certified aromatherapists.

Interested in a career as a certified aromatherapist?
We’ve got information on what it takes to get started
in this field, a listing of aromatherapy courses available, and information on career options once you’ve finished your coursework.



Once you learn about aromatherapy, it is easy to become a professional aromatherapist.
You don’t need a certification to practice in this field, although it is very beneficial.

Clients like to hear that you’ve undergone training and are a certified aromatherapy practitioner. It raises your status from dabbler to professional. Once you’ve decided to embark on this career choice, consider joining an association.

Belonging to professional associations in your field will also help you to become established and considered as an expert by your clients. In the United States, NAHA, The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists is a well-regarded professional aromatherapist association.

For Canadians, consider CFA, The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists. Both groups campaign for established standards in the field, and increased certification qualifications.

A career in aromatherapy can lead in many exciting directions. You can open a practice and meet with clients one on one.

You can combine your knowledge of essential oils with a massage license and offer one of a kind aromatherapy massages.
You can add aromatherapy to your alternative therapy or energy healing practice.

Other options include hosting workshops, going on the lecture circuit, and even creating your own line of essential oil products.

Another avenue completely is to take your knowledge and write a book
about aromatherapeutic uses.
Once your book is published you will be known as the aromatherapy expert in your neck of the woods,
and clients will seek you out!

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