A Review of the Top Supplements for this Condition

There are many gout and arthritis supplements that are great alternative treatments for this painful inflammation condition.
In my experience as a health consultant,
I have seen hundred of people completely cure themselves of all types
of arthritis (gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthrtis,
etc.) using proper diet, supplement and lifestyle changes. Arthritis is easy to balance if you know how.



Arthrtis pain is rough to live with. It may take a while, depending on how good your diet and lifestyle habits are, but gout and arthritis supplements can speed the process considerably.

At the top of my list of best alternative treatments for arthritis and gout is turmeric root. Turmeric root is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs in the world.

Modern science is focusing on one of its constituents, curcumin, but whole herb turmeric has thousands of chemical compounds science cannot even begin to understand fully. When shopping for turmeric root, try to find a whole herb version.
You can oftentimes find ground turmeric root in bulk herb sections in health foods stores.

Frontier Co-op has great quality herbs and their turmeric root is no exception. Other good turmeric supplements include Turmeric Force from New Chapter.


The best natural anti-inflammatory supplement is ZyflaMend by New Chapter. It’s awesome. An amazing combination of herbs that stimulate healing and reduce inflammation anywhere in the body. Amazing results within 3-4 days are common.

This product is scientifically proven (check New Chapter’s website) and brilliantly formulated. It is available in many forms including liquid and vegicap and well worth the price. I have worked with many clients with arthritis pain and Zyflamend has consistently worked as an arthritis supplement.


Ginger is another fantastic alternative treatment for arthritic conditions. A potent anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, and circulatory system aid. There are many great ginger products on the market including Ginger Honey Tonic, Ginger Force (both by New Chapter).

Ginger Honey Tonic is a particularly effective arthritis supplement and easy to take. Take it straight, in water, juice, or, my personal favorite, added to kombucha tea. It also goes nicely with herbal teas like Rooibos or Pau d’ Arco.


Another alternative treatment for gout and arthritis is Green Superfoods. By this, I mean various chlorophyll containing substances like wheat grass juice powder, barley grass juice powder, spirulina, or chlorella.

These are packed with nutrients and greatly improve energy levels. For arthritis, Green Superfoods are great for alkalizing the blood. Some of my favorites are Barlean’s Greens by Barleans, Super Defense Food by Michaels’ Naturopathic Programs, and Berry Green by New Chapter. For those who don’t want to spend much, go for Just Barley by Pure Planet or Kyo-Green by Wakanauga. Excellent products. Add to juice or smoothies and enjoy.


Supplements will help you find relief for symptoms of arthritis. For long term resolution you may want to look at making a few
changes to what you eat. We explore that in the next article in this series,
arthritis diet foods.

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